Urine-Drinking Isn't A Typical Presidential Activity, But Obama's Alaska Trip Might Take Him There

Asking only the important questions.

While on a three-day visit to Alaska, President Barack Obama took a small break from monitoring climate change in the region to learn survival tips from Bear Grylls and record a special episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls. Grylls has taken some pretty notable celebrities into the wilderness for the show, including Will Ferrell, Zac Efron and Channing Tatum, but snagging the current Leader of the Free World is on another level entirely.

A staple of Grylls' show (and his survival tips) is the act of drinking your own urine when there's no safe water available. This obviously prompted many to wonder whether the president would undergo this rite of passage when it was announced he'd be on the show. Grylls did say there were no plans for urine-drinking, but hey, the guy's also an entertainer now. Maybe he's just playing with our expectations.


So what other weird stuff might Obama do if the whole drinking pee thing is off the table?

Who knows. The special won't air on NBC until later this year. As Obama has less than a year and a half left in office, he's probably more concerned with the climate change aspects of this trip than his time with Bear. Probably.

The president recently announced a new climate change plan to help limit the carbon emissions from power plants. It's a chance to make another big stamp on his presidency and leave a lasting legacy, and he called it the "biggest, most important step we've ever taken to combat climate change."

In Alaska, the president's demonstration of thawing permafrost and melting sea ice was met with skepticism by a state heavily dependent on oil revenues. Furthermore, he was blasted by environmentalists ahead of the visit for not doing enough to protect Alaska. Regardless, Obama remains committed to taking action now so that future generations aren't left with a world beyond repair.

At the very least, Obama got a solid selfie to commemorate the trip.

You're on a tear, Barry. Finish strong.

(H/T: The Independent)

Cover image: Bear Grylls Instagram


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