A 10-Year-Old Boy Just Invented A Device To Save Children Left In Hot Cars

He was inspired to invent the Oasis after a baby died in a neighboring town.

Bishop Curry V, a 10-year-old boy from McKinney, Texas, has invented a small device that could save the lives of children left in hot cars.

NBCWashington.com reports that he was inspired to design and invent the device, called the Oasis, after a baby died in a minivan in a neighboring town. According to Parenting.com, approximately 37 children die each year when accidentally left in cars that quickly become overheated. 

The device would attach to the top of a car seat. A sensor would detect if a child was left inside the vehicle and blow cool air onto the child until help arrived. 

Curry is still in the process of designing the Oasis, but he has a provisional patent, along with some interest from Toyota, where his father Bishop Curry IV works as an engineer.

"It would be a dream to have lots of inventions that would save many lives," Curry V told NBCWashington.com.


The younger Curry is raising money online to further his creation. If you'd like to help, please visit his GoFundMe page here.

(H/T: NBCWashington.com)


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