New Yorkers Trapped On The Subway For Two Hours Start A Party

How they didn't resort to cannibalism.

Imagine being stuck on a subway for two hours. While our instinct when a train gets stuck is to strategize which passenger to eat first (usually a plump tourist), one trainload of New Yorkers did a much better job of making the best of an excruciatingly frustrating situation. They lasted much longer than we could without devolving into a "Lord of the Flies" scenario, and we salute them.

Train disappointment survivor Greg Wong uploaded a video showing passengers bonding over yet another outrageous subway delay. The passengers were on the E train when it broke down and they were eventually told to board a "rescue train." The whole ordeal took two hours, and with no cell service a lot of the passengers can be heard complaining they couldn't let their jobs know they were running a tad late.

Eventually, the passengers took on the bitter acceptance that characterizes true, hardened New Yorkers and figured they had to make the most of their forced bonding. That's when the party started.

Passengers started playing music and singing along to songs by spiritual buoys Drake, The Weeknd, and Fetty Wap. And since there's no better way to express soul-fermenting frustration quite like artistic expression, they changed the words of a lot of the songs to chronicle their difficult relationships with public transit.


"'Cause it's the stuck train and you know it. I think they may fire me."

We even spotted one passenger dancing his heart out to Drake's latest cinematographic masterpiece "Hotline Bling."

And of course, they Nae Naed.

Watch the ultimate proof that camaraderie can be forged in even the most irritating situations below.


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