Students In NYC Came Across A Letter With A Message They Needed To Hear

"Dismiss any idea that your enrollment at NYU was a fluke. You belong here."

Sometimes we all need a little reminder that everything is going to be OK. 

In a post shared on Twitter, one New York City resident noticed a note hanging from a pole on a street near Washington Square Park. The note, signed Mr. Steck, was addressed to new New York University (NYU) students just arriving to start the school year. Starting college can be a stressful time; students are leaving their homes, looking for new friends, trying to figure out what they want to do in life, etc.

Mr. Steck addressed all of these struggles in his heartfelt note. He began by talking about any experiences students may have had during their first week that may have been disappointing.

"Keep this in mind: most of you have just been uprooted in a very disruptive way from all the sources of support, comfort and friendship that have been with you for much or all of your lives. Regardless of how smoothly or roughly your time at NYU has gone, it is still ... for all of you, a dramatic change in your life."

Mr. Steck then went on to talk about various instances that may be causing stress, including finding friends with similar interests, handling peer pressure, getting involved in extra curricular, and managing one's time. 

"Some of you are wondering if everyone's smarter than you or if you're even smart enough to be at NYU. Some of you are stressed with performance anxieties, with being cool. Some of you are just missing a home-cooked meal."

But these struggles and worries — though difficult — are normal, he wrote, and shouldn't be seen as a problem.


"Dismiss any idea that your enrollment at NYU was a fluke. You belong here."

"My suggestion: think good thoughts about yourself and others. Relax. And through it all, know that you are where you belong ... I wish you all the best in your journeys [going] forward. Please reach out to your neighbors here in the village — if we are able to help in any way, we will be here for you."

Mr. Steck's undoubtedly kind letter is one that any student — not just those at New York University — should read. Check it out in full below:


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