Meet The Women Making History, One Tackle At A Time



Both on and off the football field, the New York Sharks are beacons of female empowerment and physical strength. These fierce women prioritize their health so they can stay at the top of their game. 

Because football players are dependent on their body's performance during game time, they need to listen to what it's telling them all the time. Too often, women push through seemingly minor health problems, but ignoring signs that your body isn't tip-top can lead to bigger issues later. Fatigue, joint pain, and rashes, for example,  are all easy to brush off, but they're also the most common symptoms of lupus — a disease that can affect anyone.  

In fact, nine in 10 lupus patients are women between the ages of 15 and 44. Some ethnic groups, including Blacks/African-Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, Asians, and American Indians/Alaska Natives, are also at an increased risk of developing the disease. 

Female football players are all about taking control — of the next play, the next game, the next part of their lives — and they know that begins with taking care of themselves. The New York Sharks exemplify the greatest possibilities of women's raw talent and physical strength, but they're not invincible (even if they might seem like it after a particularly awesome win). One of the most empowered action any woman can take is putting her health first. These women do it every day, and so should you. 

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