Women Know These Unpleasant Situations All Too Well. But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way.

"Lookin' good, feelin' good."

Imagine this: You're out having fun with your besties and one of them decides to snap a selfie.


Everything's fine until you decide you don't really like the way you look in the photo. Then what?

Well, you probably ask your friend to delete it, not post it to social media or at least not tag you in it. Because why would anyone want to see that unflattering photo of you, right?

But is it really that bad? Probably not, and there's actually something more worrying going on...

According to an in-depth article published by The Atlantic, lots of modern women suffer from a vast confidence gap. 

Despite all the ways that women are rocking it — they  now earn more college and graduate degrees than men, for example — they continue to underestimate their potential in a number of areas, both professional and personal:

— Career-wise, many women tend to feel like they're less competent and not as ready for promotions as their male counterparts, even though they've been proven to be better leaders.

— Academically, one study showed that although women performed equally to men on a science quiz, they tended to underestimate their scientific ability more than their male peers.

— A survey of more than 300 women by Glamour revealed that, "on average, women have 13 negative body thoughts daily — nearly one for every waking hour."

— And, potentially most alarmingly, it's believed that a girl's confidence peaks at the age of 9 and continues to plummet after that.

So how do we stop being so hard on ourselves? And how do we bolster the self-esteem of the women around us?

Nutrisystem's new #NowBelieveIt campaign tackles this problem in a creative and empowering way. 

The campaign encourages women and girls to stop being their own harshest critics and start believing in their brilliance, power and ability to achieve extraordinary goals. Nutrisystem has also partnered with Girl Talk, an organization dedicated to helping teenage girls build self-esteem, and donated $25,000 to support the non-profit's annual leadership summit for young women and and scholarship programs.

"Through #NowBelieveIt, we hope to encourage people to keep giving compliments and perhaps more importantly, take all those compliments they are getting to heart," Dawn Zier, CEO of Nutrisystem, said in a press release. "This acceptance can be important for our own self esteem, as well as a model for other women in our lives — particularly young girls."

The campaign is a much-needed defense of our confidence in our accomplishments and in ourselves.

So go on, share those compliments and make someone's day brighter!

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