Watch This 3-Year-Old Girl And Her Nurses Host The Most Adorable 'Hokey Pokey' Party

You'll definitely want to "put your whole self in."

It's safe to say virtually no one likes going to the hospital... much less staying there for three weeks. However, 3-year-old Madison Austin made the best of the situation by inviting all the nurses to a "Hokey Pokey" party.

Diagnosed with multiple infections and influenza 3, the toddler has been bedridden for the majority of her stay.  


Nonetheless, she found an awesome — and adorable — way to put a pep back in her step and even liven up the nurses' days, too.

"To see Madison enjoying herself given all she has been through just make me feel so happy inside! She has been really sick this stay so to see her having fun is great," Krista Lynn Austin, Madison's mother, told A Plus via phone. "We feel like family here and feel like we are at home when we are here... All these nurses are great and make Madison feel so special!" 

And the nurses are far from the only ones. 

On February 16, Austin posted a video of the "Hokey Pokey" party to her Facebook page, where it has since been viewed nearly 140,000 times.

"I didn't at all expect this video to get as many shares, likes and views as it has gotten," she explained. The response has been overwhelmingly positive, with many calling Madison "famous," according to Austin. 

Madison's response? "I'm a Rockstar." 

"I love that she feels this way because she is one extra special little girl," Austin added. The family hopes to "make it to the Ellen DeGeneres show someday" and are already halfway there. posted the video on February 21 so that viewers can vote to increase its chances of being featured on The Ellen Show. 

Since the first video, Madison's Hokey Pokey parties have been well-attended every day. Despite the circumstances, Austin is grateful for everyone who has shown "so much love to Madison" over the past few weeks, both at home and all over the world. 

(H/T: WGNtv)


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