4 Years After A Kind Stranger Helped This Nursing Aide, They Were Unexpectedly Reunited

Their paths crossed again when they needed each other most.

In 2014, TunDe Hector, a nursing aide, found herself walking on the side of the road with only five dollars in her pocket after her car had run out of gas.


While trekking to the nearest gas station, gas can in hand, a man drove by her. According to USA Today, almost immediately, he turned his car around, paid for Hector's gas, and gave her all the cash he had left. 

Three years later, Hector was telling this story to an in-home patient with Parkinson's disease, Judy Wright, when she told Wright, her husband, and their son Chris. As Chris Wright heard Hector's story, he realized he knew the man who'd helped her.

“That was me,” he told her.

The Wright family and Hector, all devout people of faith, believed God had brought them together not once, but twice, for a purpose — especially when the family considered that they'd hired another nursing aide who cancelled at the last minute. After Chris Wright's kind gesture, they believed Hector now had the opportunity to return the favor by taking care of his mother. 

The family thought of TunDe as "Judy's guardian angel," who often came after hours to care for her and continually went and beyond the call of duty. During this time, Hector told the Wright family all about her aspirations to one day become an OBGYN nurse. Unfortunately, those plans were on hold as her tuition was past due because all her money went toward providing for her family. Still, she was determined to get her education and achieve that goal. 

When Judy Wright died on July 9, 2017, Hector left her own birthday celebration to be with the Wright family and offer them support through their grief. As reported by CBS News, to thank her for everything she'd done for their family, the Wrights decided to do something a little different with Judy's funeral. Instead of flowers, mourners were asked to donate toward Hector's nursing school tuition in Judy's honor. 

Within a week, the Wright family had raised more $8,000 before surprising Hector with the gift in an emotional video.

"To know her is to love her, and we are all in awe of how God worked so miraculously for our paths to cross again when we needed her the most," Chris Wright said as Hector burst into tears, as the above video by USA Today shows. "So TunDe, you have a gift, a lot of people believe in you and want to see you become a nurse." Hector could hardly believe that so many people had come together to help her and even asked the Wright family, "Are you kidding me?" 

They weren't. Though the donations won't cover all of Hector's tuition costs, it's a "wonderful start" and more than she could have ever expected. 

(H/T: ABC News)


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