We Asked People To Write Notes To Their Inner Bullies. Here's What They Said.

"You told me that I could never write a book. You were wrong. Now, I'm on my second one."

We've all had moments when we felt like we couldn't do something, weren't good enough for someone, or didn't deserve something we wanted. Self-doubt just comes with the territory of being a person, but how we deal with that doubt is what truly defines us. 

As part of our series of notes directed toward those who doubt us, we asked people to anonymously submit messages directed towards their inner bullies. The notes show that even if you've have doubts about yourself in the past, you can overcome them and accomplish what you set your mind to. 

From finding the courage to move away from home to discovering they're worthy of love, these notes reminded us that the only person holding us back is ourselves. 

So, what do you want your inner bully to know?


Here are some of the messages we received:

The truth is our self-doubt can be conquered. Don't let it hold you back from doing the things you want to do and being the person you want to be. 

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