People Write Notes To Their Exes Who Doubted Them To Prove No One Can Bring Us Down

"I'm glad I recognized my own greatness when you couldn't."

Relationships can be hard. And when they end, we may hear things from one another that we don't deserve. Perhaps, even, we leave feeling doubtful that our future relationships can be successful.

So, we asked people to contribute notes directed towards their exes or significant others as part of our series of personal messages directed at those who doubt us. From the ones who told us we would never feel again, to those who said we'd never accomplish our goals, these notes prove they were wrong.

Because when the dust clears and we find ourselves again, we realize that their doubt will never bring us down. We're way too strong for that.

If you had the chance, what would you say to an ex who doubted you? 

Here are the empowering notes.


The lesson is clear: Those who doubt us in our relationships can't stop us from finding happiness within and in our future relationships.

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