An Anonymous Note Left At A Mosque Shows That Post-Election Kindness Is Alive And Well

There's still hope.

Following the election of Donald Trump, some Muslim Americans expressed concern for their safety because of the Islamophobic nature of the Republican nominee's rhetoric and proposals. But a kind note from "a concerned neighbor" is a sign that there are still good people out there.

On Wednesday, a Redditor published an anonymous note that was reportedly placed on the nearby doors of a mosque in Fishers, Indiana.

"I am sure things must be scary for you all right now," the note read. "I hope the coming weeks and months are peaceful, but no matter what, please know that many of us appreciate what you bring to this community and wish you nothing but love. Thank you."

As of Thursday, the photo received over 4,400 upvotes on Reddit.


This note was placed on the door of a local Mosque

Last year, Trump proposed the controversial "complete and total shutdown of Muslims entering the United States."

However, shortly after winning the presidency, the ban seemingly disappeared from the candidate's website. The Trump campaign has not commented on the website changes yet.


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