These Mannequins Will Make You Realize There's No Such Thing As The 'Perfect' Body

"Because who is perfect?"

Mannequins aren't exactly known for their diversity. They're sculpted to blend in as uniformly and impossibly 'idealized' versions of ourselves, and they all look pretty much the same. So last winter, they were the perfectly juxtaposed subjects of a disability awareness campaign.

Pro Infirmis, a Swiss advocacy organization for people with disabilities, caused quite the stir on the streets of Zurich when they took over window displays with their beautifully reimagined store mannequins. This time, instead of being sculpted to adhere to impossible ideals, their bodies were inspired by real people living with disabilities. 


A short film titled "Because Who Is Perfect?" documented the effort. Armed with notebooks and cameras, the sculptors first noted the shape and measurements of their unique models, and then turned them into works of art.

"It is special to see yourself like this," one of the models said in the film. "When you usually can't look at yourself in the mirror. 

The expressions on the models' faces as their mannequins are revealed one by one are truly incredible. They're powerful testaments to the importance of seeing yourself represented and acknowledged in the world around you. 

The mannequins are beautiful, as is their message of body love and acceptance. It doesn't get much more inspiring than this.


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