If You Usually Have Trouble Deciding What To Wear, This T-Shirt Is For You

"Perhaps sometimes it's OK to be not yet decided."

If you have trouble deciding what to wear, one Kickstarter called Not Yet Decided has you covered. The project aims to make life easier for indecisive costumers by choosing original designs for them. This means costumers won't know what their Not Yet Decided garment looks like until they receive it in the mail. 

"Our consumerist society and the digital pace of modern life overloads us with choices and possibilities. We feel a constant pressure from society to make decisions," Justinas Jakstonis, one of the guys behind Not Yet Decided Kickstarter, told A Plus. "But perhaps sometimes it's OK to be not yet decided?"


Each possible design is a variation on a cat illustration. As Jakstonis explained, the idea behind the project was inspired by Erwin Schrodinger, a famous Austrian physicist, who coined the term "superposition."

"You put a cat in a box with an unstable bomb that has a 50 percent chance to blow up or do nothing in one hour, " the Kickstarter's page explains the famous theory. "After an hour you ask yourself: is the cat dead or alive? Common sense tells us: the cat is either dead or alive because the bomb either exploded or not. This is where Erwin Schrödinger comes in and suggests: until we open the box and look inside, the cat is both alive and dead at the same time — it is in a state of superposition."

By choosing not to decide, each and every one of us can also achieve the state of superposition and have all of the possible outcomes at the same time. 

Right up until the moment you open your box from Not Yet Decided, your T-shirt could have any possible design on it.

Watch Not Yet Decided's video below to learn more:


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