These Men Aren't Women, But They Wish They Were

"I'm not a woman."

The Indian government banned the BBC documentary India's Daughter because they were concerned it might incite a "danger to women's safety."

But that sounds like a load of crap.

In fact, according to Forbes, India is already one of the top five most UNSAFE places in the world to be a woman. 

The documentary was actually banned because it called India out for its society's deplorable attitude about and behavior toward women, which led to the horrifying gang rape and murder of Jyoti Singh in 2012. 

The film features a chilling interview with one of the convicted rapists, Mukesh Singh, who said that his victim should have allowed the rape rather than fighting back. He reasoned that if she had kept quiet, he and his accomplices wouldn't have had to teach her a lesson.

Needless to say, he's a monster. But the truth is, even some men in India who are not convicted of crimes against women deserve to be body slammed like the creep in this video. Singh's defense lawyer actually uttered this preposterous sentence in his statement: "We have the best culture. In our culture there is no place for women."

India has such a long way to go before it will ever be a hospitable environment for women. But in the meantime, Indian comedians Rajit Kapur, Neil Bhoopalam, Meiyang Chang and Sorabh Pant teamed up with East India Comedy to make an absolutely beautiful, empathetic and poignant video.

It's an apology — and a promise — to the women of India.   


"I'm Not A Woman"


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