This Soccer Club Only Needed One Word To Take Down A Fan's Homophobic Comment

Homophobia has no place in the most beautiful game in the world.

Sports may be uniting in many ways, but sports fans can, unfortunately, be some of the most homophobic. As attitudes change, however, some sporting leagues have even embraced same-sex couples in mightily heartening ways. 

In the soccer world, certain teams themselves have taken up the responsibility to ensure anti-gay sentiments have no place in their stadiums. 

Earlier this year, the Mexican National Football team created a video with its players stressing respect and non-discrimination. It was made after FIFA fined the team more than $20,000 for its fans chanting the word "puto" — an anti-gay slur that Mexico's LGBT community said it finds offensive — to encourage inclusivity.

Recently, Norwich City Football Club announced on its Facebook page that it would erect the rainbow flag atop its stadium in support of Norwich Pride. 


Many fans lauded the move, but not all of them were excited about it. One peeved-off fan wrote in a now-deleted comment on Facebook, "What the hell has this to do with football?"

To which Norwich artfully responded:

Short but significant, Norwich's was a swift rebuke that showed exactly where the soccer club stood when it comes to LGBT rights. 


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