A Women's Soccer Team Just Called Out Sexism In A Hilarious Way

How do you say 'funny' in Norwegian again?

These women are considered some of the best athletes in the world … but they still have to deal with sexist and uninformed comments from guys who just can't believe they're as talented as their male counterparts. Players on the Norwegian women's soccer team got so tired of defending themselves against these unfair stereotypes, they decided they had to take a stand. But these women won't let the haters get to them. Instead of getting sad or angry, they created this hilarious video. Way to shake it off, ladies.

The four-minute mockumentary takes all the untrue stereotypes some people believe about female athletes — they're boring to watch, they're not as talented as men, they're all lesbians, they need extra help to understand the sports they're playing — and turns them on their heads. It's truly hysterical and it shows just how ridiculous all these assumption are. The spot aired in Norway before the team's final World Cup match against England, but the clip is relevant pretty much any time women's sports are criticized — so basically always.

Check out some of the funniest moments, then watch the entire video below:


Did you know that women just aren't good at sports?

It was a long-held secret, but finally the Norwegian women's soccer team is coming clean.

These sillies can't even remember which body part they're supposed to use.

It's a well-known scientific fact that women have more difficulty telling their various appendages apart.

Watching women play sports just isn't as entertaining. Everyone knows that.

We prefer the scintillating, high-speed action of a men's baseball game (which run about three hours, on average).

And the players themselves can't even concentrate, because they're all lusting after each other!

She had no choice, really.

Helpfully, the Norwegian team came up with some solutions to make women's soccer easier for them.

Unfortunately, FIFA rejected all of their ideas.

Sorry, girls.

Watch the entire satirical video below:

Image credit: NRK/YouTube


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