Walking Dead Actor Asked Point-Blank If His Character Is Gay. His Answer Rocks.

He slays it.

"The Walking Dead" is full of badass characters, but Daryl Dixon is the badassest of them all. (That's a word, right?) 

Norman Reedus, who plays Dixon, has become a fan favorite because of the way he portrays an angsty sensitivity that brews just beneath the character's tough exterior.


Turns out, Norman Reedus is a great guy in real life too. 

The fact that his character Dixon hasn't yet had a romantic relationship on the show has fans speculating over his sexuality. 

While on "Conan," Reedus was asked the question on many of their minds: "Could Daryl be gay?"

His response? 

"If that's the story they gave me, I would rock that story."

Reedus said a "Walking Dead" director once asked if he'd be open to Dixon being gay and he responded with a "hell yeah, let's do it."

Daryl Dixon might be a hero, but the actor who plays him is also apparently a pretty stand up guy.

And just when we thought Norman Reedus couldn't get any cooler.


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