These 'Non-Romantic' Things Partners Do Prove Love's About The Little Gestures

"Puts ABBA on when I’m sad"

Whether you're married, or simply dating, you've undoubtedly come to recognize that love has many facets. While romantic gestures might define that initial spark, it's everyday actions that keep the flame burning.

On Twitter, Hattie Gladwell, lifestyle reporter for Metro UK, asked her followers to respond with examples of non-romantic behaviors that make them fall in love with their partner more each time.


Twitter users, of course, were eager to share how their significant other brings love to life in the most mundane, everyday ways.

Most of the examples are so sweet and thoughtful, they'll make you borderline jealous ...

... while others are so heartwarming, they're practically romantic in their own right.

But, of course, there's no relationship more important than the one we have with our selves.

Cover image via oneinchpunch / Shutterstock


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