When Nobody Showed Up To Her Autistic Son's Birthday, She Went To Facebook

Thanks to the people who rallied behind the boy.

A birthday celebration is a way to show someone they're special and that people care about them. For little kids, it's also about the excitement of friends, games, decorations and presents. Like any other mom, Ashley Buratti wanted to celebrate her son.

For Glen Buratti's sixth birthday, his family decided to invite his whole class from Mill Creek Elementary School in Osceola County, Florida. Not one parent RSVPed. Ashley hoped a few would show up, but, sadly, no one  did. 

She told local news station WKMG that when Glen, who has autism, learned that none of his classmates were attending, he was deeply hurt.


Upset for her son, Ashley posted about their experience on Facebook.

Soon enough, strangers were responding to the post. And Glen got his party after all.

Kids and parents arrived to celebrate with the boy. Some even brought gifts. Mrs. Baratti told the Osceola News Gazette, that the birthday boy, who's usually shy, made fast friends. 

When the Osceola County Sheriff's office found out about the post, they immediately sent a "fly over" birthday surprise for the 6-year-old.

A week later, sheriff cars, firetrucks and police dogs all met at Glen's house to surprise him with even more birthday greetings and gifts.

Some stories might make it hard to keep your faith in people, but when you hear how many people will do so much to help out a stranger? Faith restored.

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