Filmmaker Starts Campaign To End Violence Against Men, Onscreen And Off


We've all seen scenes in movies of women slapping (and occasionally punching and kicking) men because the men crossed the line somewhere. Slapping has been shown ad nauseam in television and movies. We've been exposed to it in comedies, dramas and even some children's programming.

Take a trip down memory lane.


When filmmaker Natalia Milano's boyfriend messed up, she suggests that her instinct to slap him may have been influencing by seeing it so many times in pop culture.

"I discovered that the slap in the face is like Seth Rogen," she wrote on Medium. "It appears in almost every movie and series that I watch."

But in real life, Milano observes, "slapping dudes is not so funny."

A 2013 study found that one in seven women aged 15-22 in the U.S. confessed to having hit their partners, compared to just one in 20 men. And though it may have been that women were more likely to admit their actions, as Buzzfeed suggested, the disparity is striking. Particularly in the context of an entertainment industry that apparently believes it is socially acceptable to play a woman hitting a man for laughs.

Milano believes that pop culture is influencing our society to accept this type of violence. She concluded that slapping a man is wrong because it might hurt them and violence in all forms should be completely off-limits. But she also pointed out that women slapping men has a negative impact on women.

"This general acceptance of women slapping men, reinforces the idea of the weaker sex," she wrote on Medium."The woman can hit because she can't hurt, she is weak. A stereotype from which we've been trying to detach ourselves for so long.Despite the fact that men, in general, are physically more capable of defending themselves, quantifying violence is like quantifying racism or misogyny, there is no acceptable measure."

Milano created a social media campaign with the hashtag #NoMoreSlapping to start a conversation on this important issue, because no one should be slapping anyone.


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