These Stars Didn't Mean To Break Down On Set, But They Want You To See The Footage Anyway

These outtakes from the "No More" campaign weren't featured in the original ads, but they're just as powerful.

Last October, shortly after a video of former NFL player Ray Rice punching his wife had been leaked, the "No More" campaign, founded by Mariska Hargitay's The Joyful Heart Foundation, began to release videos of celebrities and NFL players speaking out against domestic and sexual abuse.

But "No More" recently released a slew of outtakes from the campaign that are every bit as chilling as the originals. The 30 second shorts include celebrities like Hilary Swank, Tim Gunn and Hargitay herself, crying or becoming emotional while filming their PSA spot.

Although they weren't planned, these outtakes send a message just as powerful as the first ads.

See for yourself.



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