8 Signs That Were Totally Racist, But Now Say Something Beautiful

More Chinese, please.

A man who left a string of racist graffiti-drawn anti-Chinese slurs across the San Francisco area has been caught, but his messages have long been altered for the better. 

John Schenone was taken into custody, as police think he's the suspect behind the "No Chinese" graffiti written in orange across several of the city's public buildings and spaces, including at a park, grocery store, two homes and an office building. 

Luckily, hate was no match for one or possibly a group of Good Samaritans who decided to alter Schenone's messages for the better. 


Before ...

... after.

And the love didn't end there. The other slurs had the "No" scribbled out or edited, completely transforming the meaning of the phrase "No Chinese."

Thank goodness.  

And last but not least ...

The vandal's issue with the Chinese isn't random. 

Perhaps the title of a blog by author Andrew Lam put it best, "Welcome to San Francisco, the Asian City by the Bay." According to a 2014 Census report, San Francisco had a population of 852,469 and in 2010, Asian-only families made up 33 percent of residents. Whites still make up the majority, however, making up 48 percent of the city's population.

Someone just needs to tell Mr. "No Chinese" that diversity is a good thing. It's perhaps him that isn't welcome. 

(H/T: Mic)


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