Woman Posted No-Makeup And Edited Selfies On Tinder And The Results Were Uncanny

Eye opening.

Isn't it weird how the selfie culture is pushing us to be less and less ourSELVES?

According to last year's survey by Harris Interactive for The Renfrew Center, most people who post their pictures on social media accounts edit them first. Whether it's cropping, filtering, fixing blemishes or something else, 50 percent of surveyed individuals didn't feel comfortable showing their natural self on the Web.

"All this taking and posting photos has become an obsession of sorts. We feel pressured to edit and alter our images so we look like what we think of as our 'best selves' instead of our real selves," Renfrew VP Adrienne Ressler notes.

However, this woman's experiment proves it's not for nothing. 


Beauty vlogger Alexa Mitchell, aka Maican Girl, decided to answer the unsettling question — is 'natural' really the way to go when mingling on the Internet?

To put her theory to a test, Mitchell took three selfies wearing no makeup at all. She uploaded them to Tinder and swiped right on 100 guys to see how many matches she'd score.

After waiting for five hours and counting the matches, Alexa repeated the process. Only this time she uploaded images that have been retouched using the Relook app.

You can see the difference between the original picture (left) and the edited version. But was there a difference in the number of Tinder matches?

A staggering difference, actually!

Both times, Mitchell swiped right on 100 men and waited five hours before counting the results. From that batch, her au naturale selfies got 16 matches, which didn't even compare to the 73 positive matches she got with the 'shopped images.

Crazy. But, honestly, we think those 73 dudes don't even compare to the men who are mature enough to appreciate natural beauty.

Watch Mitchell's full experiment below:


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