Instead Of Doing Ballet, This Little Girl Wanted To Learn To Kick Butt

Stay out of her way. Or else.

At first glance, 9-year-old Jessie from Ireland looks pretty sweet. But don't judge a book by its cover, because underneath that unassuming exterior is some serious fierceness. 

That was made clear during her appearance on "Britain's Got Talent," where she told the judges: "I used to do ballet and Irish dancing, but I didn't like it." 

So she decided to become a raging ninja instead. Duh.


To prepare, she first gets her hair did.

"My daddy's very good at doing my hair. He even went to the hairdresser to learn how to do it right." 

But that expert hairdo is just to let people know she means business.

Because when it comes to martial arts, this girl is not kidding around.


Watch the full audition below:

(H/T: Reddit

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