First Portable Peanut Tester Could Be A Game-Changer For Those With Allergies

Introducing the Nima Sensor.

Almost any type of food can contain traces of peanuts. Pre-packed, prepared products have labels disclosing whether they are peanut-free, but people with food allergies don't always have labels to rely on, especially in places such as cafes, restaurants and farmer's markets. And in some cases, a product might be labeled peanut-free, but be accidentally contaminated with nut traces.


To help protect those with peanut allergies, a new device has been created to test foods in real-time for traces of peanuts.

It's called the Nima Sensor and it's dubbed the world's first peanut sensor. 

The brand previously released a Gluten Sensor for those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. The concept of the peanut sensor is similar. The Nima Peanut Sensor uses test capsules, and when a person wants to test their food, they place a piece of it in a new test capsule then insert it into the sensor device. 

After a few minutes, the sensor will reveal if there are peanuts in the food. A smiley face indicates if it's OK to eat.

The high tech device was developed by MIT scientists in an effort to come up with a more affordable, faster and convenient option that could be used at the dinner table.

The Nima "is optimized to detect 10 parts per million of peanut protein, which is the lowest adverse effect level observed by clinical research studies."

What's more, those with peanut allergies can get information from fellow Nima users with the Nima app. It reveals peanut-free restaurants and prepared food which have been tested by fellow Nima sensor owners.

Nima suggests that those with peanut allergies use the device along with their normal precaution routines to be as sure as they can be there are no traces of peanuts in foods. "Nima's test results and community provide additional data about your food," explains the brand. "Always use your normal precautions when using Nima: talk to waitstaff, read labeling, and carry your allergy medication." They conclude normal precautions plus Nima data leads to an informed decision.

The Nima Peanut Sensor launched in September 2018. A starter kit for $289 includes the device and 12 capsules.

(H/T: Mental Floss)


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