This Photo Captures The Tender Moment A Mom Says Goodbye To Her Daughter Before Giving Birth

"Her life would be changing overnight."

There's nothing like witnessing the miracle of birth with your own eyes, but it's also incredible to relive the moment through photos years later. Shots of beautiful pregnant bellies and photos of newborns snuggling with their parents are common, but we rarely get to see those quieter moments moms-to-be experience during labor.

Photographer Laura Paulescu from Crowned Photography captured such a moment, and showed how beautiful these underrepresented shots can be. 


The photo shows mom Nikki Colquitt saying goodbye to her older daughter before giving birth.

The photo is stunning, tender, and filled with emotion. Colquitt is giving her 2-year-old Everly a final hug before she delivers her third child, Isla. 

Paulescu wrote to A Plus that she is focused on true birth documentary photos, and captures the moments around a baby's delivery as they happen. There are no posed or directed shots.

She elaborates that Colquitt's picture was captured when Colquitt was in the early stages of labor. Everly and her older brother Nash were running around the hospital, and Everly stopped to see her mom.

"Her 'little' big girl climbed up on the bed to say goodbye, she scooped her up over her contracting belly and they just held each other so close. They stayed like that for just a few sweet moments before her daughter quickly climbed down and was off playing again with her big brother, oblivious to how much her life would be changing overnight."

The photo was taken from Isla's birth back in January, but it has started going viral after it was shared on the Crowned Photography Facebook page. Many moms with multiple children and pregnant women are relating to the photo because they understand the conflicting emotions behind it.

One Facebook user wrote, "At 35 weeks pregnant with my second [child], this really tugs at the heart strings. My son loves my belly and I just hope he can understand everything that is about to happen."

Paulescu sums it up when she explained that a baby's birth is so much more than the moment it is delivered. It is a journey. Her photo of Colquitt with her daughter shows how important some of the in between moments are. 

"It's a visual representation of a moment so many mothers have to quickly push through and we don't often talk about, but will always remember," Paulescu wrote.

The photo is opening up a conversation about that struggle by showcasing this beautiful part of welcoming another child into the world.


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