It's Man Vs. Machine In This Crazy Race Across Chicago

He rolled up in 18 minutes and 11 seconds. But was the cab faster?

Meet Nico Deportago-Cabrera. He's said to be one of the fastest bike messengers in the world today.


After losing his driver's license at age 21, Deportago-Cabrera discovered cycling. Eventually, he was so hooked that he changed his career path and became a bike messenger in Chicago.

Because he bikes across the city day in and day out, Deportago-Cabrera knows Chicago like the back of his hand and says he thinks of it as a "living, breathing organism."

"All these streets are like veins and arteries. You start to notice the rhythm and the timing of the city – the order in which the lights change and how long you can ride a set of greens before before you're going to hit a red light."

To test Deportago-Cabrera's knowledge of the streets, Red Bull asked him to take on a local cabbie in a head-to-head race across the city.

Watch below to see who wins — man, or machine.

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