Nicki Minaj Tweets Words Of Wisdom For Those In Toxic Relationships

"Being emotionally, mentally, or physically abused just to crack a fake smile on the gram & show off a ring is not happiness."

There's no denying that most modern individuals are at least slightly obsessed with social media. However, as Nicki Minaj's latest tweets indicate, many people are so devoted to creating and maintaining a certain image online, that they're often willing to settle for less than they deserve in their relationships simply so they'll have something to flaunt. Furthermore, Minaj's tweets encourage women to "know your worth" and recognize that they're all they need to succeed in life.


Minaj also acknowledged the impact abuse can have on one's mental state. As a likely nod to the #MeToo Movement, Minaj encouraged women to work together, not against each other, when battling the stigma attached to mental, emotional, and physical abuse.

Speaking from experience, Minaj noted that men need to recognize what they have and treat women with respect because, eventually, the one they supposedly love will discover her own worth and realize that she deserves much more than they're willing to offer.

While many still wish to portray a certain image online, as Minaj emphasized, her call for reflection should empower people of any gender to take stock of their present relationship and determine whether or not it has altered their mental health for better or for worse. Everyone needs to recognize that they don't need outside validation to feel worthwhile, as they have the capacity to thrive without someone else by their side. People must understand that the love they have for themselves will always be enough.

Cover image via Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock


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