Nicki Minaj Has An Empowering Message About Being A Female Boss

"I knew I wanted to be in charge."

"Time" magazine released its annual 100 Most Influential People list today.


On the list was rapper and businesswoman Nicki Minaj.

In addition to regularly reaching platinum status with her albums, Minaj has also started ventures in clothing, beverages and fragrances. Time sat down with Minaj to talk about what it takes to be a strong player in the business world with a lot of success under her belt.

Minaj revealed to "Time" that one of the first people to inspire her was her mom.

"As a child, my mother didn't have a job where she was the boss and I always looked at that and wished that she was the boss," she said.

She wanted to cement her legacy by becoming a mogul.

So far, she thinks she has "exceeded every expectation" that people had for her as a rapper.

Part of being able to do that is being able to be "unapologetic about asking for how much you money you deserve." She explained that if you know you are good at your job, you shouldn't be afraid to ask for the salary you've earned.

Listen to the rest of Minaj's empowering message below:


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