18 Times Nicki Minaj Slayed It During Her World Tour

Instant slayage!

That time when her behind sparkled and we were all like "oh my gosh look at her butt."


That time that she channeled her inner Beyonce and we were all like "yasss!"

That time she did "the Bernie."

That time she rose through the floor like a boss.

That synchronized walk.

That time she role-played Magic Mike on stage.

That time she was all like, yeah, I'm a strong woman.

That outfit.

That time she became an even more perfect human.

That time she showed her sensitive side.

That time she got all mysterious on that wall.

That time when she sang "Pretty on Fleek" and we melted inside.

That time she wasn't afraid to show that it's okay to have desires and "feel" ourselves.

That time she brought her fan on stage and told her she was pretty and it was awesome.

And the fan had no idea what was happening but was totally loving it.

That time Nicki was just doing her thing and killed it.

That time the bass dropped.

That hip thrust. YES.

Nicki, you slayed it.

Editor's note: Nicki Minaj is an A Plus influencer but had no input on this article.


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