Nicki Minaj Made Her Mini-Me Famous, But Check Out What She Posts For Her Fans

Million. Dollar. Baby.

Blake Dunham is six years old but she has all the makings of an absolute superstar.


She's got the look...

The moves...

And the attitude...

She really captures Nicki Minaj's passion in this cover of "All Things Go" that she posted on her Instagram (which casually has nearly 63,000 followers).

She definitely seems to enjoy the spotlight — and some call her a mini-Minaj. 

Yes, Nicki is aware of this diva and posted the video to her own Instagram.

"I was like blown away," Minaj said in an interview with KISS FM (UK). "It was so touching to see her singing these songs about real relationship stuff."

Did we mention her moves?

She actually throws her headband in this one — so you know it's not a drill...

Thanks for introducing us to your protégé, Nicki!

She's a classic diva... and she knows it.


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