These 15 Shows Could Be Coming Back To Nickelodeon, And We Cannot Wait

It would be a dream come true.

The 1990s were the absolute best time for kids' TV programming. More than getting a couple days off of school, kids couldn't wait for the weekend because Saturday night meant new episodes of SNICK shows, while Nicktoons ruled throughout the week. 

Anyone who wasn't around to see Nickelodeon's heyday firsthand doesn't need to worry, because Nickelodeon has been dropping some serious hints that the best shows of that decade could be finding their way back onto the airwaves. #TheSplatIsComing uses the old-school Nickelodeon logo and has been teasing classic shows.

Could it be a brand new channel dedicated to the best of 90s shows? Such a thing would be more magical than a leprechaun riding a unicorn, and is basically the stuff dreams are made of.


Unfortunately, a loose-lipped service provider from Australia might have given away that it's a block of programming, not a separate channel itself.

The description on The Splat's Twitter bio says that it'll be airing at 12 am on Teen Nick.

While it might not be the full channel we've been dreaming about, a couple hours of precious programming is a pretty good start. 

Here are 15 shows we can't wait to revisit when The Splat comes to a TV near us:

1. We'll go back to Camp Anawanna in 'Salute Your Shorts'!

2. 'Aaahh! Real Monsters!' will have us checking under our beds.

3. Happy happy joy joy! We can't wait for 'Ren & Stimpy'!

4. Is it too early to start training our kids in hopes of a reboot of 'Guts'?

5. Gather 'round and get ready to be spooked out of your mind with 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?'

6. We can't wait to saddle up again with 'Hey Dude'!

7. We learned so many lessons from 'Adventures Of Pete & Pete'.

8. Try not to melt while waiting to be reunited with 'The Secret World Of Alex Mack'

9. We're being babies waiting for 'Rugrats' to return!

10. We can't wait to climb through the window in 'Clarissa Explains It All'!

11. Quail Man needs to save us from the suspense of waiting for 'Doug' to come back on the air.

12. Who loves 'Keenan And Kel'? We do, we do, we do-oo!

13. It's Blue Barracudas for life on 'Legends Of The Hidden Temple'.

14. 'Hey, Arnold!' will forever be our favorite football head.

15. And of course, we're dying to see the show that all SNICK dreams were made of: 'All That'!

Dear Nickelodeon,

Even if your current plans are only to have The Splat on for a special programming block, you should really consider making another channel.

Trust us. We'll watch.


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[H/T: Buzzfeed]


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