Nick Offerman Does A Yule Log Christmas Video While Drinking Whisky

It's strangely satisfying.

For many people, one of their favorite Christmas traditions is watching The Yule Log on television. Essentially, this is a continuous video loop of wood burning in a fireplace with Christmas music playing in the background. The tradition began with New York television station WPIX in 1966, who saw it as a Christmas gift for people who lived in apartments without fireplaces. Many stations now air a 24-hour loop of the same The Yule Log loop every year.


Well here’s a new take on this Christmas tradition for 2015.

Actor Nick Offerman, known for his role in Parks and Recreation, just starred in a new video with a different approach to the Yule Log.

In the video, which is an ad for whisky brand Lagavulin, Offerman is sitting in a leather armchair with a fireplace in the background. He is happily sipping Lagavulin Malt Scotch Whisky in the glass in his right hand, with the bottle on a small table beside him. Offerman looks comfortable as he slowly sips his whisky and stares directly at the camera. The wood is crackling in the fireplace. In addition to the occasional sipping, he lifts the glass and moves it from his armrest to his knee.

And he literally does just that for 45 minutes straight.

Believe it not, the video of Offerman doing nothing but drinking one glass of whisky for 45 minutes has gone viral. And even Adweek said that the brilliant, yet simple, video serves as a "conversation starter" for the brand.

And if nothing else, it's like a new Christmas tradition.

Watch the full video:


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