NFL Players Have Broken Their Silence And Are Saying 'No More' To Domestic Violence

About time.

"No more boys will be boys."

"No more he just has a temper."

"No more but he has such a bright future."

"No more why doesn't she just leave."

In a chilling PSA recently released by the Joyful Heart Foundation, a domestic violence and assualt prevention organization, well-known NFL players band together to say "no more" to domestic violence. They say the phrases above, along with countless others, which are many of the countless excuses people use to soften the blame, divert blame or even excuse those accused of domestic violence.

The 1-minute spot comes just a month after the NFL suspended former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice after allegations that he punched his girlfriend. Only later, when there was a video released of the ordeal (which the organization claimed to not have seen) did they fully boot him from the NFL. 

Despite many people online diverting attention away from Rice and onto his fiance for sticking around, many NFL players took to their social media sites to express their disappoint in men that hit their women, but also the NFL for not responding sooner, and harshly.

Now, they're making their point even clearer. And one that everyone needs to hear: "No more."


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