Artist Redesigns Every NFL Helmet With Superheroes Instead

Pretty sure J.J. Watt is already a superhuman though...

Artist Justin Kozisek is a 20-year veteran in graphic design. According to his bio on his website, he has worked for companies like Apple, Nintendo and more.


In honor of "Avengers: Age Of Ultron" debuting this weekend, Kozisek set out on an epic adventure of his own.

He re-created every NFL helmet and transformed each logo into a Marvel superhero. 

Here are our top 14.

1. Oakland Agents

2. Baltimore Hawkeyes

3. New York Dr. Stranges

4. Dallas Captains

5. Seattle Hulks

6. San Francisco Iron Men

7. Tampa Bay Punishers

8. St. Louis Doc Ocks

9. Tennessee Thors

10. Washington Groots

11. Pittsburgh Hydra

12. Cleveland Things

13. Kansas City Spideys

14. Carolina Wolverines


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