Curious Giraffe Photobombs Couple's Wedding Photos In Incredible Photo Shoot

"This very inquisitive giraffe decide to photobomb our photoshoot."

Luke and Tristan Karshagen had an uninvited guest show up at their wedding. The newlyweds were taking their photos at the Areena Riverside Resort, a game reserve in East London, South Africa, when a curious giraffe showed up. He popped his head over the trees to see what the couple and their guests were doing.


Photographer Stephanie Norman was ready to capture the unexpected moment.

The wedding party was initially surprised — especially when the giraffe started sniffing the bouquets — but they continued with the photo shoot.

Photos from the day show the giraffe looking on in the background as the new Mr. and Mrs. Karshagen share a kiss. At one point, the giraffe even bent down to nuzzle the couple.

It's not the first time an animal has photobombed a romantic moment — nor will it be the last — but the beautiful photos have still gone viral after Norman shared them on her Facebook page.

She explained that the gentle giant of a giraffe hung around with them for 20 minutes.

"He was so gentle and nosy, and an absolute pleasure to photograph."

She added, "Living in Africa is pretty amazing."

The wedding party later found out the giraffe is named Abby. He roams free on the reserve and is frequently attracted to visitors.

The photographer wrote about the experience on Love What Matters explaining how the resulting photos far exceeded her expectations. "I was hoping to just get a photo with this beautiful giant in the background, but then he gave me even more than I could imagine by dropping his head and giving them a little nuzzle," she stated. 

"It was the most incredible moment, and I think every single one of us was holding our breath. He then let Luke and Tristan give him a little cuddle, before turning and walking off down the pathway."

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Cover image via  Emilie Farris I Shutterstock

A Plus has reached out to photographer Stephanie Norman for comment.


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