Watch The Moment A Newborn Helps Her Big Sister Stop Crying

If only we all could wake up to such cuteness ...


While music may soothe the savage beast, it's no match for a cranky toddler. For a job that big, only the cuteness of a newborn baby sister will do. 

Or at least that's what happened at the house of Esther Anderson, a parenting vlogger, one fall morning.  She was tending to her infant daughter Tessa when toddler Ellia woke up and came downstairs distraught. "We had both been up several times with Tessa that night, and Ellia normally bounces out of bed in the morning super giddy ..." Anderson told A Plus via email. "So the fact that she was crying coming down the stairs meant it was going to be a rough morning." 

Prepared for the worst, Anderson pulled out her smartphone to send a video chronicling what she thought would be just the latest installment of child-rearing chaos to her husband. Of course, Anderson was pleasantly surprised when, instead of a tantrum, she witnessed the best example of sisterly love a mother could ask for. Finding comfort in the presence of her newborn sister Tessa, Ellia said, "I love her so much."

Anderson posts many videos of her family life to her blog Story of This Life, but this one quickly became an internet sensation with more than 1 million views on YouTube. "I think the video struck a chord with people because it captured pure, raw love," she explained. "It wasn't based on anything Tessa did or anything Ellia did, but just love because of who Tessa was: Ellia's little sister." 

According to Anderson, feedback for the video has been "overwhelmingly positive" because "the love between siblings breaks boundaries." Growing up with five brothers, Anderson admitted she didn't quite understand what sisterly connection her daughters tapped into that morning. Nonetheless, she said, "It gave me an appreciation for their little bond that I never experienced as a kid since I was busy playing Batman and swinging from trees." 

While Anderson may not always understand her daughters and their ever-changing moods (who does?), she's learned to appreciate every moment with them — no matter how mundane it may seem at first. "I think it's easy to take for granted what I have in my life and in my little family," Anderson said. "Our Story of This Life site has opened my eyes to so many things since we have audiences from all over the world who respond to our daily posts and videos, and help us to recognize the little things we have to be grateful for." 

And Anderson already has a plan to ensure she's not the only one who will continue to be grateful for these little things. "Apparently I'm going to need this video in 15 years to remind them [Ellia and Tessa] that they love each other, haha," she joked. Something tells us they won't mind. 


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