New Zealand Just Unveiled A Revolutionary 'Wellbeing Budget'

It's the first bill of its kind.

New Zealand announced a budget this week that prioritizes billions of dollars in funding for mental health services, to address child poverty and measures to address domestic violence. The bill is a "world-first" and has been dubbed the wellbeing budget.


New Zealand's Labour coalition government introduced the bill after almost a year of speculation about what it would include. It immediately received praise from social services workers in the country and advocacy workers concerned with the wellbeing of New Zealand's most vulnerable. 

"Success is making New Zealand both a great place to make a living, and a great place to make a life," Grant Robertson, the country's finance minister, said to parliament. 

The bill allocates an additional $1.2 billion over the next four years on mental health services, according to Fox News. An additional 81,000 people will also receive free mental health and addiction treatment. $320 million dollars was invested in combatting family violence, putting a focus on New Zealand's historic issue with family and sexual violence. 

"We are really over the moon about the overall package, it's great," Ang Jury, the director of Women's Refuge, told The Guardian. "By god yes this is the most spending by far, there's not even anything to compare it to. The foundation they're setting up to truly tackle this is absolutely fantastic."

New Zealand became the first western country to design its budget around wellbeing priorities, according to The Guardian.


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