New Catcalling Video Proves That Street Harassment Looks Drastically Different In New Zealand

Same experiment, very different results.

Last week, a video went viral that showed a woman getting catcalled while walking around New York City for 10 hours. The New Zealand Herald wanted to see what would happen if a woman from their country did the same. So they did, and they were onto something. 

Of the men who approached the New Zealand model, who they secretly filmed walking, only one pointed out her appearance and then later apologized. The other asked for directions. She walked in similar city people-filled streets and passed construction sites.

Mic points out that the difference between how the U.S. and New Zealand experience street harrassment could be the fact that the stakes are higher for N.Z catacllers. They could be punished for shouting at or following a woman. 

Bottom line: The New Zealand video proves that women of other cultures aren't berated every time they walk down the street — a basic right that so many American women desperately want.

(H/T: Mic)


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