Here's How To Help Victims Of The Mass Shooting In New Zealand

We can all come together.

The global community is coming together to help victims of the mass shootings in Christchurch, New Zealand. 

At least 49 people were killed after mass shootings at two mosques in the city. Immediately following the attack, questions began surfacing about how people from all around the world could help the community affected by the attack — and the response has been swift.

If you're living in New Zealand, there are some immediate ways you can help the victims and the Muslim community. You can reach out to the Red Cross and ask about ways to help, including blood donation and offering help to families on the ground. NZ Blood is also taking blood donations that can immediately go towards helping the victims of the shooting, including the dozens who survived with injuries. 

If you're not local and can't offer your time in person, there are still plenty of ways to help. The New Zealand Islamic Information Centre (NZIIC) is taking donations here and has already raised more than $300,000. NZIIC said in their campaign that "All proceeds will help with the immediate, short-term needs of the grieving families. No amount of money will bring back their loved ones, but we do hope to lessen their burden in some way." The New Zealand charity Penny Appeal is also soliciting donations on Facebook and says the money will go towards funeral proceedings and other "practical support." 

Another page to donate was launched by the New Zealand Council of Victim Support Groups. The page is hosted on the New Zealand crowdfunding site Give A Little, but as of Friday morning, the site was so overwhelmed with traffic the page was not loading. You can check back there periodically if you want to donate.

You can also attend vigils both in New Zealand and across the globe. If you are in Auckland, The Spinoff has made a list of the vigils you can attend. If you don't live in New Zealand, you can Google local vigils in your area.

Members of the media have also advised people to refrain from sharing video of the shooting, manifestos from the shooter or even the shooter's name. (A Plus has a longstanding policy of not identifying mass shooters because of the well-documented contagion effect.)

Finally, many people have spoken out on social media and reminded their communities that the easiest way to help is to simply speak out against Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry. 

Cover image via Kai Schwoerer/Getty Images.


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