The Awesome Reason This New Zealand Artist Is Giving Sick Children Custom Airbrush Tattoos

Putting his skill to good use.

As tattoos become more mainstream, the stigma attached to body ink is slowly fading. But many people remain wary about the lifelong commitment that comes with a tattoo (unless you have no qualms with painful laser tattoo removal). Temporary sticker tattoos are a popular alternative, but Benjamin Lloyd, an artist from New Zealand, found a way to step it up a notch for a very particular group of people. 

Lloyd, an artist who has done airbrushing art for a decade now, recently started painting tattoos on adults, according to Mashable. But then he turned his attention to airbrush tattoos for kids, much to their — and the internet's — delight. 


Posting photos of one of his "clients" getting an airbrush tattoo, Lloyd wrote, "Nothing brings me more joy than boosting a kids (sic) confidence with a custom tattoo." He added that if the post got 50 likes, he would give patients at Auckland's Starship Children's Hospital free airbrushed ink. The post now has more than 320,000 likes. 

Lloyd also uploaded a video of the process on Facebook, where it received tons of praise. 

While he hasn't laid out arrangements with Starship Children's Hospital yet, when that happens, there are surely going to be some very happy, inked kids. 

A Plus has reached out to Lloyd for comment.


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