New York Superstar Just Gave Away 800 Boxes Of Food To Bronx Families

The giving season has arrived.

Carmelo Anthony may have left his old life behind for one of stardom and fortune, but he hasn't forgotten his roots. And this week, he proved just that. 

Despite being in the midst of an NBA season and the various celebrity appearances that come with that, Anthony made time to go visit a Bronx neighborhood this week and — naturally — brought a gift with him. The 31-year-old NBA All-Star donated 800 boxes of food and supplies to an underserved neighborhood.

The gift, which was given through The Carmelo Anthony Foundation, was not just a gesture but a nod to the life that he experienced as a child, according to ESPN. 

"I've been there," Anthony told ESPN. "I have family in these boroughs & I know what it's like. I know this seems minute, but this is big."

Anthony, who grew up in a low-income neighborhood in Baltimore, isn't new to philanthropy. In fact, Anthony funds the Carmelo Anthony Youth Center in Baltimore, right in the neighborhood he grew up. He even went and visited Rikers Island last week. 


Here is the exclusive VICE News report on Melo's visit to Rikers:


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