These Stylish Women Prove Fashion Sense Knows No Age

"I never wanted to look young. I wanted to look great."

Forget fashion blogs and magazines. These fabulous women prove that style comes from within.

Since 2008, street style photographer Ari Seth Cohen has been capturing the prominent fashion examples of New York city's senior set. His blog Advanced Style features a number of unbelievably charizmatic females who debunk the stereotype that fashion is the privilege of the youth.

"There is no time limit to anything. When you look good, you look good."


Last weekend Cohen, together with film director Lina Plioplyte, released the Advanced Style documentary, a film that examines the lives of seven New Yorkers, aged 62 to 95. According to the creators, it shows the daily adventures of these unconventional ladies and reveals their unique perspective on overcoming life's obstacles with style and grace, proving that age is merely a state of mind.

"In an industry obsessed with youth, these older women dispel conventional ideas about beauty and aging and prove that with age comes grace, confidence, boldness, flair and new, unimagined opportunities for fame and fortune," Cohen and Plioplyte said.

The film had an incredibly positive response so far. Currently, it is open in New York at the Quad Cinema, and the next screenings will take place in Miami and Dallas.

"The ladies have told us that they're getting calls and emails every day from people saying how wonderful they think the film is. I think people are most surprised that it's not just about fashion, but about enjoying life and accepting who you are," film's spokeswoman Brook Medansky told A+. 

Advanced Style documentary spans around the lives of seven unique females; a glamorious 81-year-old dancer from the legendary Apollo theater, all the way to an 80-year-old owner of a storied boutique on the Upper West Side with a penchant for over-the-top accessories, to a 93-year-old West Village artist known for her colorful ensembles and iconic red eyelashes crafted from her own hair.

"Good style improves the environment. For everyone," one of the heroines said.

Watch the trailer of Advanced Style documentary

To find out more about the film, please visit Advanced Style website or Facebook page. The film will be available on iTunes starting October 7. 

(All images courtesy of the Advanced Style blog)

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