These Are The 7 Best Places To Volunteer Throughout Every Borough Of New York City

Welcome to your virtual city guide to goodness.

Many people want to help others, but they don't always know where to start. While we can't all receive a personal, ethereal guide to helping others, like Kevin of ABC's Kevin (Probably) Saves The Worldwe can all still do our part to make the world a better place. 

That's why we created a simple, easily-accessible, virtual city guide to goodness. They call New York "the city that never sleeps," but we'd like to amend that title to "the city that always cares." After all, whether you're a visitor or seasoned New Yorker, if you're not sleeping, you've got a whole lot of time to help others. 

While there are tons of places to volunteer in New York, we compiled seven of our favorites from throughout the five boroughs into one comprehensive map. Check it out: 


1. Brooklyn Community Services

After 150 years of service and impact, you might say Brooklyn Community Services (BCS) is quite the seasoned expert at helping Brooklynites. Established in 1866 in response to the plight of disabled Civil War veterans and homeless children, BCS has shown its commitment to its community by being on the front lines of every major crisis, With a clear and concise purpose — "to serve our community" — BCS is doing just that with its ONE BK Action volunteer program.  

Through this program, BCS partners with individuals, community organizations, the faith-based community, local businesses, and corporations who share their vision of a unified Brooklyn brimming with opportunities. According to BCS, 23 percent of Brooklynites still live in poverty. Not only does the organization aim to change that number to zero, but to do so by empowering residents with limited resources and pressing needs through early childhood education, after-school education, youth development, family services, workforce development, mental health and wellness, and services for people with intellectual disabilities

2. Mount Sinai Queens

Mount Sinai Queens has volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in helping make the hospital experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible for patients and their families. While some volunteers work directly with patients on clinical or special care units, others do so indirectly through administrative duties and at special events.

The hospital offers 11 different volunteer services anyone from office assistants to musicians to even pets can do. Those interested in learning more, and are at least 15 years of age, can learn more on the Mount Sinai Queens website or contact the director of volunteer services at

3. Project Hospitality

The name of this Staten Island-based organization says it all. The group's "interfaith effort" has a tireless commitment to serving the needs of hungry and homeless people. Through various on-site professional services, Project Hospitality also helps those living with HIV and AIDS, using substances, and/or living with mental illness. Beginning with street outreach, the organization helps individuals every step of the way, from providing food and shelter to giving treatment, other clinical and support services, and eventually helping people find transitional and permanent supportive housing.

Volunteers are essential to every step of the process. While some may assist with the soup kitchen's meal preparation, service, and clean up, others can tutor and/or take care of children in the homeless family shelter. Even more volunteers can help with the planning and implementation of community and fundraising events, as well as providing clerical help to Project Hospitality's administrative office. Learn more here and contact Project Hospitality through

4. BronxWorks

BronxWorks is an independent organization with the mission to help individuals and families improve their economic and social well-being through food, shelter, education, and other support services. In doing so, it hopes neighbors come together and unite in building a stronger overall community.

Those with legal expertise, such as attorneys and juris doctorate candidates, can volunteer with the BronxWorks Immigration department by helping low-income people prepare affirmative applications for immigration benefits. Those who want to volunteer part-time can join the Community Health Advocates program in conducting street outreach, and attend afternoon and evening community meetings. CHA volunteers may also help plan informational sessions geared toward individuals and small businesses. Others can also volunteer through BronxWorks' Positive Living Department, helping with its Food and Nutrition Program for people living with HIV/AIDS. For more information or to apply, please contact Xavier Williams at

5. Minds Matter New York City

Through a three-year program of mentoring and tutoring, Minds Matter NYC in Manhattan helps transform the lives of accomplished high school students from low-income families. Professionals from a variety of fields come together in two-person teams to help students build the skills and confidence they need to succeed in college and wherever else their future takes them.

The program encourages its mentors to apply their own unique life experience to help their mentee make better, more informed choices. With 500 volunteers each contributing over 120 hours of service every year, all it takes is one Saturday a week to make a lifelong difference in another person's life. Those interested in becoming a mentor can apply here

6. Habitat for Humanity

Though it's based in Lower Manhattan, anyone can get involved in Habitat for Humanity NYC's far-reaching mission. Since 1984, it's helped more than 600 families across the five boroughs. By constructing new, quality housing and repairing homes that have been damaged, the organization both preserves New York City's communities, especially families, and improves their quality of life — from the ground up. 

But you don't have to hold a hammer to help. Habitat for Humanity offers various volunteer opportunities, from the construction site to the office suite. Not only do the organizers live by the motto "All you need is enthusiasm; we'll teach you everything you need to know," they build on it — and you can, too.  

7. New York Cares

Another city-wide organization, New York Cares lives up to its name by enabling people across all five boroughs to do just that by offering so many volunteer opportunities, anyone can find the right one. With a focus on three key issue areas —  improving education, meeting immediate needs, and revitalizing public spaces — New York Cares served 400,000 people in need last year.

Not only does the organization itself partner with 13,500 nonprofits and schools across the five boroughs, but its staff plans and manages 1,600 volunteer-led projects every month. More than 64,000 caring New Yorkers mentor studentsserve meals in soup kitchens, clean up parks, and help the homeless. That's a whole lot of good —  just waiting for you to get in on some. Those interested in volunteering can register a user account and fill out a volunteer form here

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World is a new ABC show about a down-on-his-luck man who learns how to turn his life around by learning the importance of helping others. Tune in to the next episode on Tuesday, October 10 at 10 p.m. EST. 


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