Ludacris' 'Grass Is Always Greener' Video Shows Off His Split Personality

'Always searching for another high / Caterpillar to a butterfly.'

"We always want what we can't have." That's the moral of the video for Ludacris' newest single, "Grass is Always Greener." The rapper debuted the music video for the song on June 12. It features two versions of Ludacris: one, a settled-down family man who just wants some peace and quiet, and the other a hard-partying player with plenty of girlfriends. The more audacious Luda moves in next door to his quieter doppelgänger and the two can't seem to agree on anything. 

Luda describes the two contradictory sides of his life in the song: he's in movies and he does music; he took a break from drinking and smoking, then went back to both; he's married, but he "misses them groupies." His entire life is one big contradiction, but he loves both sides of himself.

Ludacris first debuted "Grass is Always Greener" on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The video is currently only viewable on Vevo, but it will be distributed throughout the Web and on social media on June 13. The song is the second single off the rapper's ninth studio album, Ludaversal. Earlier this year, Ludacris debuted the album's first single, "Good Lovin'" feat. Miguel.

Check out the video for "Grass is Always Greener," below:


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