13 New Types Of Forks That Will Change Your Entire Eating Experience

A new way to eat.

Even though forks have existed as an eating utensil for centuries, it seems that people have recently put a new twist on them. Some of these new fork creations were purely accidentally, but they are all game changers when it comes to eating.

Here are 13 new types of forks that are wa cool.


1. A new way to eat pizza.

Fork With Pizza Cutter.... right or wrong?

2. All forks should be made this way.

Just a sturdier fork, titanium!

3. Being innovative at work.

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4. Knife plus toothpicks equals fork.

Mobile Upload

5. The new fry-fork.

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6. Eating pasta just got easier.

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7. Using a fork to eat soup will be revolutionary.

You can't eat soup with a fork, they said.

8. A fork that is also a knife.

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9. The paper clip fork.

No Fork? No Problem.

10. The Dark Knight becomes a fork.

I broke my fork at lunch.. So I made batfork!

11. Rock on.

Metal Fork

12. This new 'foon' looks great.

When I stirred my boiling Ramen, my plastic fork turned into a worthless inverted spork (a foon, if you will.)

13. That's being innovative.

I combined half of a spoon with half of a fork. I call it a "Spork."


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