The New 'Pomegranate' Phone That Brews Pod Coffee Has Taken Everyone By Surprise

The 'Pomegranate' phone is out of this world.

We expect a lot from our phones these days and tech companies are furiously competing to come up with the next big thing. Now, a Canadian company has blown the competition out of the water. Introducing ... the "Pomegranate."

Not only have we never seen these six features on a phone before, we didn't know they were even possible. 


Feature #1 is a projector screen. It can play anything in widescreen format. Just point and project. We know how we'll be watching our movies from now on.

Feature #2 is a global voice translator. Forget Spanish class, now you can speak in 50 languages. Talk in your own language from the front, and the phone will translate the new one out the back. 

Feature #3 is a single-cup coffee brewer. Mobile coffee might sound weird, but it's as fresh as you can get. Just flip out the side panel and insert your favorite coffee pod. Brew time is only 30 seconds. 

Feature #4 is a hair razor. Late for a meeting and in a rush? No problem. Shave on the go or in the office. You can even talk and shave at the same time.

Feature #5 is a harmonica. This phone has a lot of practical features, but it's about fun too. Play from either preset beats or go freestyle. 

Feature #6 really surprised us. We didn't see that one coming. We'll let you see it yourself in the video below, by Egg Studio. 

(Don't tell your friends about the last feature. Make them see it for themselves too.) 

What a video right? You've got to admit, it's a brilliant concept.

We know the phone's not real... but we're going to pretend it is anyway. Even if it's just wishful thinking.



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