After Finding A Note, New Homeowners Honor Request To Look After A Stray Cat

"There's one favor we have to ask you ..."

When a woman, named Miranda, and her housemate moved into their new home, they were surprised to find a note from the previous homeowner which contained just one favor.  


The handwritten letter requested they look after a feral cat that lives in the yard.

The note said that the cat was born in the backyard 12 years ago. It has an injured paw, and is afraid to go near people, but the old owners had success leaving food and water for it. They even bought the cat a house so it would have shelter from the rain and cold temperatures.

The letter explained that the old owners would be very appreciative if Miranda would continue the tradition of looking after the cat.

It was something she was more than happy to do.

The 23-year-old explained to Bored Panda that four out of five of her current cats are strays.

It's a good thing she was keen to help because according to a Cheezburger post, the orange kitty made himself known right away, appearing at the door shortly after the note was read.

It might be early, but Miranda is already bonding with the cat. He has been named Razum "Raz" Dar and has been introduced to the new homeowners' dog, Nyx.

Miranda is documenting the cat on Instagram. She has uploaded videos of Raz getting cat nip as a treat, and of him eating with the door open so he could hear her and her housemate's voice. 

Miranda says the cat doesn't appear to be as feral as suspected, so here's hoping they're able to form a longterm bond. 


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