72 New Emoji Have Been Released And Will Be Arriving On Your Phones At Any Moment

Brace yourselves.

It's summer and that means we need a new way to tell our friends it's time to grab a salad and champagne at the beachfront bar.


Luckily, Unicode has unveiled their 9.0 emoji update with 72 new expressive icons that will soon be arriving on our devices.

Emojipedia says that these will be rolled out by vendors such as Apple and Google sometime in 2016. They are predicting we could see a new update to our emoji keyboards next month, with World Emoji Day on July 17.

There will be new faces, hand gestures, animals, and of course food. These are just sample images designed as Apple would create them

In addition, according to the The New York Timesthere will also be a new way to include emoji in your text messages. Speaking at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on June 13, Craig Federighi, senior vice president for software engineering, said, "You know, sometimes you've typed a whole message and you realize at the end that you're entirely lacking in emojification. So we provided the solution: When you tap on the emoji button, we'll highlight all the emojifiable words there, and you can just tap, tap, tap, tap and emojify."

Translation: when you type the word pizza, an emoji of pizza will pop up that you can tap to include.

While we wait for the final version to be rolled out by vendors and Apple's new version of emojification, let's check out these updates!



In total, there are 10 new faces that vendors will start making available for public use.

There is the lying Pinocchio face, the barfing face, and the confused, shrugging emoji. Where would the world be with out that?

In case you were getting tired of using the crying tears of laughter face, there is now the rolling on floor laughing face. Literal and appropriate. Perfect.

Gender pairings.


To go along with the woman dancing, a woman in a veil, Santa Clause and the princess, the new version will feature pairings.

Can we focus for a minute about how much the tux emoji looks like James Bond and how that dancing emoji looks like Jon Travolta from Saturday Night Fever?


Hand gestures.


There are seven new hand gestures, which is great, because we really needed a new way to fist bump and the ability to shake hands in agreement over text.

But it's hard to imagine a more necessary emoji than the selfie. Now not only can you take a selfie, you can let your friends know you'll get back to them in a moment because you are in the midst of taking the most perf pic ever.

Also, the fingers crossed emoji has deceptively evil connotations, which we are all on board with. Or are we?



In this update there will be 13 new animals.

As you can see, there is a fox, butterfly, duck and an owl. However, there will also be a gorilla, a deer, a rhino and an eagle, which looks awesome.

Emojipedia says they constantly get requests to make an owl and a duck, so there, hope you are satisfied people.



Eating avocado's is very healthy. However, we really needed a way to text mom to let her know we're up to par on our diets with the proper emoji.

There is also the salad, which we're sure mom will be happy about as well. However, that paella looks so friggin' good... too bad it's just a picture. Olé!

Sports, utensils, and drinks!


With the Summer Olympics fast approaching, the new update will feature some activities from the competition such as water polo and gymnastics.


There are also some other food-related emoji, such as a glass of whiskey, clinking champagne glasses, and a spoon. Why not, right? We can't always text the fork emoji.

Last but not least, is the black heart. We're guessing the red heart will now be used for pure love purposes, while the black heart is for those who are more coldblooded.

Be sure to stay tuned for the updates!

Here is an infographic with all of the new emoji at a glance.

It should be noted that the rifle has since been removed. Emojipedia


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