Beck's New Single 'Dreams' Is A Fun Follow-Up To His Recent Grammy Win

Your new dance jam is here.

It's been about a year and a half since the release of Beck's most recent project, Morning Phase, which won the 2015 Grammy for Album of the Year. Now he's back with the first single for his next release (which is untitled as of now). The audio for Beck's new song, "Dreams," was made available online via iHeartRadio and Vevo on June 15. 

Fans who are expecting more of the beautifully sad sounds that dominated Morning Phase might be surprised, however. "Dreams" is uptempo and dancey, and definitely lighter than Beck's previous album. As the artist said in an interview with Los Angeles radio station "Alt" 98.7, "It started out as a heavy garage rock thing and became much more of a dance — some kind of hybrid." Indeed, the song starts off with grungy guitars before settling into a bouncy beat.

Beck has not yet announced when he will release the album featuring "Dreams," but he said he wanted the song to come out now so that fans will know it by the time he begins his European summer tour on June 16. Before its release, the singer teased "Dreams" on his Twitter and Instagram by releasing a 15-second audio clip and artwork from the single.

Listen to the new song below:


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